Bilingual Curriculum

As soon as he enters Cycle 2 or 3, the child will be assessed in English to determine which progression group will allow him to progress better, in English. Depending on the progress of language acquired, it is possible for the student to change group, either during the year or the following year.

The role of parents is very important in the accompaniment and follow-up of children. It is essential that at least one of the languages ​​(French or English) be practiced on a daily basis if other languages ​​are used within the family context (Bengali, Arabic, German, Italian, Indonesian, Mandarin, etc.). Learning and mastery of the French language can not be based solely on school activities, and parent-teacher team consultations are frequently organized, in order to make up for the possible lack of language baths and to find extracurricular activities together. remedy.

The mastery and skills acquired in French expected at the end of the cycle are identical, whether it is the French curriculum or the bilingual curriculum.

The introduction in September 2010 of progress groups in English as the distribution of subjects by cycle in bilingual stream is part of a desire to get students to acquire the skill set of the programs of the French primary school while acquiring an ability to speak English.

The transition from one sector to another is done by interview with the family and on the proposal of the teachers’ council, validated by the school head.