Programme and Curriculum

French International School of Dhaka provides education based on French official programs (2015 programs, AEFE school) with the possibility to choose the bilingual (French-English) or French (called French with reinforced English). Acquiring a good command of French and English from an early age, as well as the knowledge included in the French program are the primary objectives of EFID. The cultural and linguistic wealth of the school takes into account the needs of its learning public, while enrolling them in a success in the French education system.

From kindergarten, the child is aware of the English language, participating in activities conducted by an English teacher at a rate of 4 hours per week in TPS-PS, and 6 hours in MS-GS.

From CP, two sectors are proposed:

– the French sector, which enables French-speakers to acquire the required level of English at the end of cycle 3 (ie at least the A1 level of the European Language Framework), with 1h20 of English language classes per week, and 1h30 of reinforced English in small groups (2h50 weekly). Subjects other than the English language are here taught in French.

– The bilingual stream, which allows English or other pupils to acquire the required level of English at the end of secondary school (ie B1 level of the European Language Framework), with 2h20 of English language in Cycle 2, and 3h The other subjects are taught partly in French (60%) and in English (40%), with a breakdown of these subjects by cycle.

Cycle 2 bilingual (CP-CE1):

– French language: 8h10

– English language: 2h20

– 3h25 of mathematics in french + 1h05 of mathematics in english

– 1h05 of discovery of the world in French + 1h00 of discovery of the world in English

– 2h05 of arts in English

– 1h00 of EPS in French + 1h30 of EPS in English

Cycle 3 bilingual (CE2-CM1-CM2):

– 6h French language

– 3h of English language

– 3h30 of mathematics in French + 1h10 of mathematics in English

– 1h of science in French + 1h of science in English
1h history in French
– 1h geography in French
– 2h50 of EPS in English

This alternation of subjects in cycles 2 and 3 allows students to acquire the fundamentals in both French and English.
Starting in September 2010, EFID innovates by offering all students the opportunity to work in English-language progression groups, so that each child can progress at the best from his or her starting level, whether he or she is a student in the field. French or bilingual.

These progression groups, established by cycle, are as follows:

– Group A1 to A2 (1 group in cycle 2, 1 group in cycle 3)
– Group A2 to B1 (1 group in cycle 2)
– Group B1 + (1 group in cycle 3)

Bilingual students will also be divided into 2 small groups to follow the teaching of the following DNL: mathematics, discovery of the world and science.