Pictures of French International School of Dhaka

December 2018

Pre-school 2 decorates school for Chrismas

Pre-school 1 decorates school for Chrismas

Kindergarten and grade 1 to grade 5 decorate the school with Samira for Chrismas

Kindergarten student decorate the school for Christmas

Novembre 2018

At French International School of Dhaka kindergarten students do gardening with the help of their English teacher Samira, their teacher Thomy and the gardener, Ojula. Every morning the garden is watered with care by the children helped by some parents. They planted radishes, beans, eggplants, spinach and tomatoes. The vegetables grow very fast.

Art in kindergarten

Art in grade 1 and grade 2

September 2018

Visite d’un artiste bangladais

Art in CP-CE1

Art in  kindergarten GS

Art in kindergarten

The “Grande lessive” 2018

Carnival 2018


An artisan at the French International School of Dhaka

“La grande lessive” 2017 and badminton tournament

The carnival  2017


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