The teaching team

The teachers in French are all qualified and holders of the French National Education, teachers in English are all certified in English.

French teachers:
TPS-PS: Mrs Fatima ANFIF
MS: Miss Laora PILET

CP-CE1: Mrs Valérie IMBERT
CE2-CM1-CM2: Mr Xavier LASTRA

Teachers in English and DNL *:

-Mrs. Joy MWIKALI & Mrs. Samira KENWARD

* DNL: non-linguistic disciplines (mathematics, science, discovery of the world, arts, EPS)

NB: English and DNL teachers follow the official texts of the French primary school (2008 programs, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, 2001, language renewal plan, 2005)

Teachers of the CNED:

Scientific subjects: Mr Thomas GUES (Coordinator)
Literary subjects: M. Quentin JOUAVILLE
Spanish: Mrs. Ana CASTIBLANCO
English: Mrs. Joy MWIKALI

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