School Profile

The school was established in 1987 and built on the French Embassy grounds in Baridhara, a pleasant part of the diplomatic zone. It is located near the residential districts where the majority of the expatriates community live.

The French School’s very first mission is to provide students with an education complying with the French education programs. In doing such, the school allows students to pursue their schooling in France, or in any of the educational establishments abroad accredited by the French Ministry of Education (AEFE network).

Nowadays, French schools abroad are committed into providing high quality bilingual teaching from the earliest age in order to enable children to be equally confident in both languages.

The School is directed by an assigned Principal of the French Ministry of National Education. It is inspected every year by an Inspector of National Education, stationed in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

The school runs on a private basis, as a non-profit organization, as officially agreed with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad). It is one of the 429 French establishments abroad which make up the network of the AEFE. It is also under supervision of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The school is managed by the parents’ association, and is governed in compliance with French Law. The parents’ association is directed by an Executive Committee (Conseil d’Administration) which lays down the policy and procedures of the school to ensure its effective management.

The School Committee (Conseil d’Ecole), chaired by the Principal, decides the school rules and other educational matters such as the school project and mission statement.