ADN Carbone 0
ADN Carbone 0 is the new school exchange program, which does not require students to travel, supported by the AGORA MONDE platform. The concept: to bring teachers from the AEFE network into contact with their ninth-grade classes to build a common project. Intercultural, this program is also eco-citizen, through the mobilization of participants in the reflection around carbon emissions and their compensation with, in particular, the planting of trees.
There are few activities given below that’s done by EFID School Dacca, Bangladesh:
1. Blood Donation Day
2. Tree Plantation
3. No Plastic, Fantastic
4. Cuisine
5. Construction of Chicken House
6. Project for Gender Discrimination

This week, the 4th and 5th grade students of the French International School of Dhaka had the honor to meet with the Ambassador, H.E Marie Masdupuy, in the framework of the AEFE Carbone 0 junior project.
The students were able to discuss about the role of the Embassy in Bangladesh, French education abroad, and the support of the Embassy to Maer Achol home, an NGO working with street children in Dhaka.
As part of the Carbone 0 junior project the students are making a report on Maer Achol home’s actions. They are also working on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically « Quality Education » and « No Poverty. »

Here is the Interview of CM1-CM2 students of EFID with Mme Marie MASDUPUY: