Elementary School

In French International School of Dhaka elementary school educates children aged 6 to 11 years. Complete schooling in elementary school lasts 5 years.

– preparatory course (CP)
– elementary course 1st year (CE1)
– elementary course 2nd year (CE2)
– middle year 1st year (CM1)
– middle year 2nd year (CM2)

These levels are divided into two cycles:
– basic learning cycle (CP,  CE1 and CE2)
– cycle of deepening (CM1, CM2 and 6ème (grade 6))

The cycle of fundamental learning begins during CP and continues in the  elementary course 1st year and elementary course 2nd year.

The learning of reading, writing and the French language, the knowledge and understanding of numbers, their numerical writing (decimal numeration) and the calculation on small quantities are the priority objectives of CP and CE1.

Physical education and art occupy an important place in the school activities of this cycle.

The CP class is led by Mr Rodolphe HEMERY

The CE1-CE2 class is led by Ms Diane WIND

The CM1-CM2 class is led by Mr Karim TALAOUANOU in French

by Mr Rockey SINGH  in English.