The French teachers are all qualified with a master’s degree in education and/or holders of the French National Education system.
The English teachers are all certified in the English language.
French teachers:
TPS-PS: Mrs. Marie-Thérèse NOSJEAN
MS: Mr. Christophe Bize
CP : Mr. Rodolphe HEMERY
CE1 -CE2: Mrs. Diane WIND
CM1-CM2: Mr. Jean-Baptiste BOUSQUET
English and DNL* teachers:
-Mr. Rockey SINGH
– Mrs. Alexandra BOUSQUET
* DNL: non-linguistic disciplines (mathematics, sciences, discovery of the world, arts, PE)
NB: English and DNL teachers follow the official French primary school texts (2008 programs; common European framework of reference for languages, 2001; language renovation plan, 2005)
CNED teachers:
Scientific subjects: Mr. Philippe GREVET
Literary subjects: Mr. Selim HABI
Spanish: Mr. Karim TALAOUANOU
English: Mr. Rockey SINGH and Mrs. Alexandra BOUSQUET