The nursery school educates children aged 2.5 to 6 years. Full schooling in kindergarten lasts four years.

– Any Small Section (TPS) receives 2.5 / 3 year old students
– Small Section (PS) receives 3/4 year old students
– Medium Section (MS) receives 4/5 year old students
– Large Section (GS) receives 5/6 year old students

The purpose of the nursery school is to help each child become independent and to acquire knowledge and skills in order to succeed in the preparatory course.
The main objective of the nursery school is the acquisition of a rich and understandable oral language by the other. In kindergarten, the child establishes relationships with other children and with adults. He exercises his motor, sensory, affective, relational and intellectual capacities; he gradually becomes a pupil. He discovers the world of writing.

The classes TPS-PS, MS and GS are supervised by Miss Fatima ANFIF, Miss Laora PILET and Mr. Thomas TREMOULU in French. Mrs. Samira KENWARD and Mrs. Joy MWIKALI in English.

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