Secondary School

Secondary education is provided by the CNED (National Centre for Distance Education) courses of the Academies of Rennes and Rouen. Students follow the official French curriculum through correspondence courses.

To facilitate student follow-up, EFID puts in place a suitable schedule for each class and qualified and experienced teaching assistants for each subject (depending on the number of students). The size of the workforce allows individualised help.

A school diary specifically designed for CNED students allows parents to regularly monitor their work and progress throughout the year. In addition, a quarterly meeting is organised between parents and teaching assistants. A quarterly bulletin with the assessments of the correcting teachers is sent to the parents, in addition to the official CNED transcript.

CNED students benefit from an exceptional environment where they find all the resources and school materials necessary to succeed in their studies: computers with Internet access, a complete Documentation and Information Center (CDI), a workshop for arts and music, a sports field with multiple sports activities (table tennis, basketball, football …).

The weekly class schedule is 32 hours. A class room is exclusively reserved for them and homework is organised on a regular basis.

Entrance test

The registration of a child will not be systematic, it will depend on his level of French. Indeed, the level of French is decisive for college and high school.

Intensified French
Intensified French classes are also offered in the institution to facilitate the integration of students whose mother tongue is not French.

Students can have courses on modern languages (LV1 : English, LV2 : Spanish).

Options for High School

This is to draw your attention to the fact that, even if the CNED offers all the options and all types of BAC proposed by the French system, we, as CNED tutors can provide you only the BAC general:

  • History, geography, geopolitics & political science
  • Humanities, literature & philosophy
  • Economics and socials sciences
  • Mathematics
  • SVT (life and earth sciences)
  • Physics & chemistry

For any other option or any other BAC please contact us.

The Documentation and Information Center (CDI)
The CDI is composed of reading, consultation and work spaces. Students have access to different types of books as well as audiovisual material. They can also consult orientation brochures to help them in their research of academic and professional choices in Europe.

Middle School

The College must provide all students with the knowledge and skills that form the foundation of true general education. It must offer all of them success courses and provide answers to students’ problems.


Sixth (6°) Adaptation Cycle
Fifth (5°)
Fourth (4°) Central Cycle
Third (3°) Orientation Cycle

Recently, EFID prepares students for B2i Level 2 (Computer and Internet Brevet). This exam is conducted by 3rd graders through a research but also a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) conducted directly on the CNED website.

Road safety
The ASSR 1 and the ASSR 2 are essential for obtaining the moped and car driving license in France. The exams are corrected directly on site and the results are sent to France for validation.

The National Diploma of the Brevet (DNB)
In order to prepare the National Diploma of the Brevet, EFID organizes two white examinations during the year. This is the first exam taken by the student. The DNB certifies a general knowledge of end of 3rd An important part of the DNB takes into account the marks obtained by continuous control in 3rd in all the subjects. The other part is in the form of an examination with tests of French, mathematics, history and geography. For many years, EFID has been the exam center for the College Diploma. So far, there has been 100% graduation.

High school

It is at this level that the student will spend the last three years of schooling in secondary education. The main objective is to prepare the high school student for the Baccalaureate in the 2nd, 1st and Terminale classes and to develop his personal project in higher education.


Second (2 °) Determination class
First (1 °) Terminal cycle with the advance test of French
Terminal (Ter) Terminal cycle with the rest of the Baccalaureate examinations
EFID has accompanied students in the following series:
– Economic and Social (ES)
– Scientific (S)
– Literary (L)
– Social Medical Sciences (SMS)

Many disciplines are offered to students throughout the year especially to prepare for the Baccalaureate exams.

The Baccalaureate allows access to all courses of higher education. The baccalaureate candidates go to Bangkok.

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