Tuition fees

French International School of Dhaka collects tuition fees for any newly enrolled student in the school. The amount of these fees is payable in full at the time of first registration at the school and regardless of the date of enrollment of the child in EFID. These rights will in no case be retroceded.

Payment date: at the time of application for registration; the child is considered registered only after the actual payment of the registration fee.

Amount: 2000 € 1st child, 1250 € from 2nd child (all classes)

Membership in the parents’ association

Families will have to pay an annual fee to the EFID Parents’ Association, regardless of when the child is enrolled in school. The amount of this right is reviewable each year. These rights will in no case be retroceded.

Payment date: at the time of application.

Amount (current year): €50 (all classes)


Payment date: at the time of application.

Amount (current year): €35 (all classes)

Scholarship rights

Payment dates:

The payment of tuition fees for the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary classes is spread out as follows:

1st installment From August 1st to 31th
2nd payment From January 1st to 31th


Tuition fees for the year 2023-2024

Note :

The amounts of the registration fee, the membership of the association of parents and tuition fees are voted each year by the Board of Directors (CA) in June.

Tuition fees are calculated on a quarterly basis. They can nevertheless be paid in the year (2.5% reduction is then granted on the annual amount). Penalties of 2% per month are chargeable due to late payment.

In the event of registration or re-registration during the term, tuition fees will be prorated according to the number of weeks of courses validated.

In the event of an anticipated and definite interruption of the schooling during the term, the tuition fees will be refunded in proportion to the number of weeks of courses not carried out.

Parents can pay fees in euros or US dollars (rates are calculated at the Chancery rate on the day of payment) or in taka ( particular case ).

Any payment can be made by check or transfer, or in cash at the school bank.

Reduction of fees:

An allowance is granted to families from the 2nd child enrolled in EFID

5% for the 2nd child
10% from the 3rd child and more…

Tuition fees cover:

The loan of textbooks. In case of deterioration or loss, compensation for the prejudice may be required from the parents.

Not included in tuition fees:

Small school supplies (pens, rulers, etc.)
Registration at the CNED including shipping costs and exam registration
Participation in any expenses incurred by outings or visits
Participation in optional workshops (extracurricular activities)
Supervision of the canteen.